Facebook Thursday introduced two new features for its Messenger application: Reactions, which it had been testing in Messenger earlier this month, and Mentions.

Reactions bring the six emoji that have been available on Facebook for mobile and desktop since February 2016—Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad and Angry—along with a thumbs-down emoji, but the latter does not represent the long-sought-after dislike button, with the social network telling Josh Constine of TechCrunch it refers to the new emoji as No and its intended use is for members in a conversation voting for (Like) or against proposed plans.

The feature is not only for facebook users of mobile and desktop/ Messenger users who wish to use Reactions can press and hold the messages they wish to react to, which will bring up the menu featuring the seven emoji. So they can express their emotions about the comment. How cool that sounds right?

Above is a likely snapshot of how this feature will look like on an iPhone. According to Facebook, messages that received Reactions count will be shown, along with which friends used each emoji. users whose messages have received Reactions will be able to see how many people did so, along with which friends used each emoji.

Drew Moxon, Messenger product manager explained new mention feature as a way for Facebookers to let their friends know when they have been mentioned in conversations and the feature can be triggered by using the same old technique we use on Facebook. ie. typing @ or writing first 2 to 3 letters of friend name.

Moxon further said

“Everyone in the conversation can see the call-out in the conversation, and everyone gets a notification just like before, but only the specified person in the group conversation gets a notification that they have been mentioned. You can choose to turn off these notifications at any time.”

According to the reports, the new features will roll out on Thursday. We, facebook fans are impatiently waiting for such a feature.


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