This year we have seen seen Wireless charging feature in many smart phones including Samsung galaxy s7 edge. This feature works as  wireless charging uses an electromagnetic field to transfer energy between two objects through electromagnetic induction. This is usually done with a charging station.  Sadly, this works only within a limited range between charging station and Phone. Usually when people want to take extra power for the phone with them, they take a power bank or a charger. But does everyone has a power bank? Probably no.

How cool it can be If you can charge your phone using other’s phones right? Thanks to Sony you might be able to charge your Smart Phones using friends phones.

According to a patent application published, they are working on a technology that allows wireless power exchange between various nearby consumer electronic devices, including smartphones, computers, microwave, washing machine, fridges, and TVs, without wires.

Titled “Configuration of Data and Power Transfer in Near Field Communications,” the patent describes where any consumer electronic with NFC chip might be able to search for other devices with the similar technology and connect with them to transfer power, the same way a device searches for available Wi-Fi hotspots.

However, the patent does not explain how well their technology will work or from how long the charging from device to device will be enabled.  According to the patent

“The distances over which the wireless communication can be achieved is typically consistent with distances used for wireless electrical power transfer through the power transfer antenna,”

The patent also does not specify that these devices would necessarily be smartphones or computers; instead, it uses the term “portable consumer electronic device,” which could be a fridge, TV, computer, microwave, washing machine, and so on.

This technology could eliminate one of your worst pains of always carrying out bulky power banks and multiple charging cables, provided your friends or smart appliances are willing to share their battery power to charge your phone.

However, patenting an idea does not necessarily mean we will ever see the idea come to life, but if succeeded, your phone will automatically start charging while you walk into a room – Thanks to Smart TVs, microwaves and other devices with NFC-enabled.

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