In the past people thought that internet can be used to get all the information that someone wants to the extent that it can read people minds. :p Well, nowadays, internet covers all the topics that exist on earth from religious texts, debates, articles and videos on science, technology, sex, spirituality, health, work, school, money and the list is endless. Not all these topics are clearly safe for children on the internet. There are hackers, spammers, scammers and abusers who wouldn’t dare to use your child. Therefore it is important to apply some quick rules on your PC. Follow these steps to make sure your computer is safe for children when giving them internet access.

Method 1- Monitor the PC through remote control.

You can monitor your children your smart phone with a remote desktop software. The best software for this purpose is Teamviewer. There is a android/ios version and desktop version. To monitor the PC with Team viewer, you need to install it on both PC and your smartphone. When installed on PC get Teamviewer Id and password. then enter it on your phone teamviewer. Thats all you need to do. You will see every action done by your kid right through your smartphone.

Method 2- Install a screen recorder on Computer.

The method 1 may not work for you when you are busy at work or doesnt have time to check regularly. This method is a better alternative for method 1. The record of all the kid’s activity will be saved as a media file and you will be able to review it when you have time. To do this effectively you have to apply few rules for kid as well. Firstly, set a user password for computer so the kid won’t log out and login to turn off screen recorder. Second rule is to tell the kid to not turn off the screen recorder when using the PC and to leave the PC without turning off. If this rule is not set. The kid can certainly trick you saying that he/she turned off computer and not turned off screen recorder. If the kid does not follow the rules its up to you to give punishments. Never ever beat a child. You can punish a kid by suspending computer use.etc After these rules are set you can install camstudio  for screen recording. Its a freeware.

Method 3- Install Kaspersky Safe Kids.

Kaspersky is a famous company which sells Anti-virus products mostly. They created a software called Safe Kids ideal for the purpose of safe children online. They have two versions available. One which is free and other one is paid. Free version Helps you manage your kids’ online activities, kid’s use of applications, use of other devices as well. The premium version which costs only $14.99/Year gives all the benefits of free version plus sending alerts to your mobile when suspicious activities are detected in computer, monitor public Facebook activity and get child’s location when he is using a a smartphone or tablet that you installed Kaspersky Safe Kids on.

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