How many times you got scammed from websites that promise fake money? How many times you felt hopeless in making money online? If you are in any of the category and want to make more money online you came to the right place. This is a guide used by millions of people to earn money online. In my country, Maldives- not many people know about making money online. Those who do,  sometimes leave their job to dedicate their lives to making money online.

To earn money online, you will have to take part in online trading activity.  There are many websites for this purpose. Some examples are and In this guide, I will be using etoro. I currently use etoro. Remember that trading involves risk and therefore it is important to learn how to trade properly. I will try to explain step by step so you can avoid risks. You will always get profit if you do it properly.

First of All Im going to explain what is trading in few words. Trading literally means buying the product or service at a lower price and selling them at a higher price. The difference in etrading in etoro is that instead of purchasing products you will be investing in stockmarkets, commodities and currencies.

The return on investment will be greater if you invest more money efficiently. I earned in my first month of experience $143 and in second month $376. First investment $1430 and at the end of month my total was $1573. Second investment $3384 and my final balance was $3760.  When I first discovered about etoro, I did not use real trading. I used virtual trading to learn about the platform. I read many articles on how to use etoro and how to trade online. I look forward to earn more in the upcoming months. Some people I know earn about $200 perday. So lets learn how to earn more money now…

if you are not an expert banker or an economist, I wouldn’t recommend trading forex on your own.  It takes years of practice and a strong understanding of both technical and fundamental economics. The happy news is that you can automatically copy all the trades of experienced, professional traders. If you just open an account and start opening trades without research you are going to make a loss rather than a profit. Follow these steps now.

Step 1-Create a new etoro account using this link

The minimum amount to copy trade is $100 and minimum deposit is $100. Personally, I could say $1000 is a good amount to start with. if you dont have much money, you can start with just $100. If you choose the right traders, you can earn upto 40% of your investment. that is if you spend $100, you get $140. never invest what you can’t afford to lose, but the more you put in the bigger the payout on each trade.

Step 2: Copy some good traders

Copy traders with great number of copiers. You can see it in their profile. Don’t copy traders with more than 100% gain. Do not manually trade. If you are new, use copy trading. If you want to do it manually, then start it in virtual portfolio for practice.

Investment in Stocks

Using the platform, you can buy a fraction of a share (starting at just $10) in a huge range of companies.  These include Apple, Facebook, Google, Coca Cola etc.  If you’ve ever wanted to get started investing in stocks, but don’t want to invest a lot of cash, then etoro is pretty much the only option that allows you to get trading in seconds using just $10.  I choose to keep a portion of my portfolio invested in etoro stocks.

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