Usually, downloading torrents with torrent clients such as Utorrent and BitTorrent is really slow. When it comes to downloading things from the internet always what comes to mind is Internet download Manager. Internet Download Manager is a downloading software for windows platform. There are two methods to download torrents with IDM. I will explain them in this article.

METHOD 1- Use Online Torrent Clients

There are many online torrent clients which help you download torrents with IDM. Usually, all of them offer free plans with limitations. You will have to buy a plan to raise those limits. Zbigz and Bitport are some good torrent clients available. All you have to do is upload a torrent file or paste the magnet link. This works as when you paste the torrent file, the client server downloads the torrent to their database and you can then download from their database. To do this in zbigz and bitport, follow these steps.

  1.  Upload the torrent file or paste the torrent link.
  2. Wait for the server to cache the torrent.
  3. Press download in bitport. (don’t have to do this is zbigz)
  4. Press download the file or download as zipping (don’t have to do this on zbigz)
  5. Press zip or download in zbigz (don’t have to do this  in bitport)

That’s all you need to do to download the file. You can enjoy the speed up to 50 MBps if you have a premium plan. If this method doesn’t work for you, go to method 2. Method 2 is much faster than method 1.

Method 2- Use VPS (Virtual Private Server)

VPS literally means a computer which is run online. They have high-speed internet and faster processors depending on your VPS hosting plan. Many companies offer free trials of 1 to 2 months. The best VPS plans are available from Google and The process of downloading torrent is completely different from method 1. This method is more of manual rather than being automatic. has best value plans which $20 plan is enough. You can enjoy download speed up to 100MBps in this method. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Login to your VPS and install a BitTorrent client.
  2. Download the torrent using the torrent client to VPS. It will take only around a minute for 300MB.
  3. Now login to your dropbox, google drive, one drive or any cloud service you use. (The faster the cloud service, the faster the download will be)
  4. Upload the downloaded file to the cloud.
  5. Now login to your local PC and login to cloud.
  6. Now download the files you uploaded and enjoy.

The best thing about this method is that it is faster and reliable. you can get 2 months free trial of VPS from google, 2 months from Vultr, 1 month from you can take free trial again and again in aliyun. But don’t forget to remove payment information from account every 29th day. Then make another account and enjoy.  Do you know any other method to download torrents? Why not share with our readers in comments? Don’t forget to like and share this post on facebook and google plus.

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