Android games are popular today and there are many android smart phones good for playing android games. To be honest, most people buy smart phones to play android games. Unfortunately, all these smart phones require charging unlike personal computers. So If you can play android games on PC, you don’t have to feel the boredom of run out battery and can possibly prevent battery damages from playing games while charging. Playing games from smart phones doesn’t only damage battery. It is also very risky in terms of electric precautions. Therefore it is important to learn how to play android games from your personal computer. Just follow these steps to start playing. In this demo, I will explain the way to start playing Clash Of Clans game.

Step 1- Download and Install Bluestacks App Player.

Blue stacks is the best best android app  player for playing android games available on the net. The software can be downloaded for free from blue stacks official website. The size of blue stacks is around 300 MB. If you play games from blue stacks, your computer should have at least 2 GB of RAM and 50 GB hard drive and graphics drivers. 4 GB Ram is recommended though.

Step 2- Setup Bluestacks App Player.

This step is very simple. You will be guided to follow the steps to setup the Bluestacks player. Its actually like setting up a smart phone after turning on for the first time. You will be asked for Full name, country, location.etc You have to fill those fields. You will be asked to add your google account as well.

Step 3- Installing the game-

This is the final step, If you already have added google account in step 2, then go to google play store in blue stacks and install clash of clan from there. If you haven’t added google account, you will be asked to add google account when you enter play store. After you install the game, you can play it like in any other Smart phone.


Additional Tips

  • You can install a launcher from play store to make blue stacks more user friendly.
  • You can key map the blue stacks to play games that require tapping more places at once.
  • You can make the blue stacks app full of apps to prevent automatic installation of ad apps.
  • Droid4x and Andy are some Bluestacks alternatives. But they are never better than blue stacks.

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