Many software available for PC today especially premium use Softwares are very expensive. But most of them offers a free trial. Many of know the fact that some applications can be used for free using cracks and patches. But the fact is that there can be a virus, malware or a spyware in the crack. Some applications are impossible to crack, some works inefficiently and some cannot get regular updates when cracked.

Due to these problems, it is not wise to use cracks. Instead, you can activate the free trial every 30 days. In this tutorial, I will teach you how to do that. Please note that these steps are for educational purposes only and we are not liable for any loss from using this tutorial. I myself buy software I use.

Step 1- Install the application you want to use (first-time use)

The first step is to install the application you want to use. This step is if you haven’t ever installed the application in your PC. In general, most software’s allow you to use the application for 30 days without many steps. If it asks for email address then give it as well and activate it in mail.

So you have used your trial for 30 days and want to continue using it again? Then follow the coming steps every 30 days or the expiry of the trial.

Step 2– Uninstall the software from PC completely.

To use the software first, you have to uninstall the software. To this, go to control panel and select uninstall or change a program and uninstall the software/program you want to use. After uninstalling the program log out of user account and log in again.

Still, the system will leave the information that you once used the free trial of the software. So you have to delete these records as well. To do this, use CCleaner application.

Now, go to reg edit and search for registry values. This step is simple. Go to edit- Find and search the program name. For example, if program name is Vic, then search for Vic and delete the result that comes. Now tap F3 and delete the result and repeat this until there is no result. Note that you have to delete one reg value only every time you press F3.

Now you are done cleaning up the software related issues.


Step 3- Install the software again

Now the system won’t detect that you installed software for the second time. If it asks to activate trial using an email. Don’t use an email that you have used before for activating the trial. Now you have successfully installed the trial. You can repeat this process for an unlimited no of times.

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