When it comes to learning computer tricks and internet tricks we realize that we need to learn more as we learn it. When we learn a new trick or a skill, we find out new skills to learn and discover. When I had my first computer in 2008, I used to go to Local Disk C/ Windows folder and delete stuff thinking that they are useless. I did not realize they are system files. It took a while for me to realize those are system files. honestly, I had to reinstall windows at least twice a month due to missing system files error. I did not even touch internet at that time as it was very expensive at that time in our area. In this article, I will explain 10 computer tips and tricks every computer user should know.

1. Manage a backup- 

If the computer is for personal use, you may have event images, your own documents or movies and TV shows if you are a TV show lover. It becomes more important when it comes to businesses. You may have business documents, sales invoices, tax documents, employee info s and a lot of information related to business. Regardless it is always important to keep a backup in case your computer is infected with a virus or the hard drive fails. You can copy the documents to an external hard drive or a pen drive. This method may not work If the computer equipment s and external hard drives are stolen or the building caches up fire. So, the best way to backup documents are in a cloud. if you keep the documents in a cloud, you can get them what ever physical damage or condition your business or computers face. Dropbox, One drive and Google Drive are good cloud platforms. All these platforms offer a limited free space. you can pay to increase the space.

2. Make your computer use faster with keyboard shortcuts-

A computer without keyboard shortcuts will waste a lot of time. Especially when it comes to copying and pasting text from web. What is the use of keyboard shortcuts If the person does not know to use them even the computer has the function? of course it will be same as not having shortcuts. The most common uses of shortcuts are to copy and paste files and text. To undo an action done in computer, to delete a file permanently and to open a new incognito tab. here is a list of some common keyboard shortcuts.

CTRL+A                                  Select All text, Select All files

CTRL+C                                  Copy Selected Text, To copy selected files

CTRL+X                                  Cut Selected Text, Cut Selected files

CTRL+V                                   Paste cut/copied text, Paste cut/copied files

CTRL+Z                                   Undo an Action

SHIFT+Delete                        Permanently Delete

CTRL+SHIFT+N                    Open an incognito tab in chrome (when chrome is open)

CTRL+T                                    Open a new tab (In chrome when its open)

CTRL+CLICK                          While pressing control, you can select files and folders you want to copy, cut or delete

3. Protect from computer Infections

There is just more that computer virus that can compromise your PC. Some of these are spywares which spies you without you knowing through the computer, malware which disrupt damage, or gain authorized access to a computer system and many other treats to your computer firewall. These maybe used by hackers to access your sensitive information in PC. Therefore it is important to take safe precautions. you should never download and install software which cannot be trusted. Always look for online reviews before installing a new software. If no review or negative reviews are found , then never install it. They may contain malware and spywares. Another precaution you can take is installing an anti-virus like Kaspersky or AVG. They are good at detecting malicious files and threats.

4. Keep your computer Junk free.

Most of the junk in your PC can be prevented by following the previous step. Installing software which cannot be trusted sometimes download and install software without your approval. Sometimes, the software we use need some temporary cache as we use them. they usually get deleted by those software sometimes and sometimes it does not. therefore it is important to delete these files and caches manually or using a trusted software. The best software I know for this purpose in C Cleaner. there is a paid version of it as well as a free version of C Cleaner.

5. Connect your computer from anywhere-

Sometimes even If you have more than 1 computer, still you cant do all the work from the 1 computer. For example, If you want to access you office computer documents. But thanks to remote desktop technology, today we can do that. All you need to do is install team viewer on both computers and connect to other computer using the other computers team viewer ID and password.

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