Zbigz is the best torrent client available in the web. It allows users to download torrents anonymously and at high speed. You can also use internet download manager to download torrents you like. They offer a free plan with some limitations.


If a user wants to download torrents from a torrent site, the user uploads a small torrent file or post the magnetic link. Zbigz then caches and downloads these torrents to their server and users can download from their server instead. Here is how the files are transferred in case of Zbigz Downloading.

Seeding Computers/VPS –> Zbigz Server –> zbigz User

This process makes it faster to download torrents rather than using torrent clients such as Utorrent. Their transfer is directly from VPS to PCs.


For Free Users, Zbigz offers the download speed up to 150Kbps according to Zbigz. But in my internet connection, it reaches up to 350Kbps in the free account. A free account can download as many torrents you want unlike Bitport.io as long as the file size is not bigger than 1GB. If you want to download larger files you have to upgrade your account to premium. If you need premium zbigz access for a short period of time and don’t wish to download many large files you can buy a 5-day premium account for only $3.99. You can buy a 1-month plan for $9.90 which is about 60% cheaper in terms of usage. 3 Month Plan is $24.9 which is 20% cheaper than 1-month plan in terms of usage.  The coolest thing is that all plans have Unlimited storage which makes it ideal for use as a cloud and as a torrent client. Most other torrent client doesn’t offer unlimited storage.

Download Speed

Download speed is average in the Free account. It reaches up to 350Kbps in my internet connection. To further test the maximum speed in the free account, I tested a download in my high-Speed VPS. But there was no such increase in speed.

Well, that is the download speed of free account in VPS. I checked premium account in my internet increased the download speed a lot. The speed increased in my home computer to 2 MBPS. Actually, it’s because my Internet speed is very limited. So I checked the speed in VPS. Surprisingly, the speed of zbigz was more than 30Mbps.

When it comes to downloading popular torrents such as Flash TV show which is released on the same day the user wants to download, it is readily available in zbigz server meaning that there is no need to cache the episode. I download Arrow, Flash and DC legends of tomorrow every week and I don’t have to spend a second on caching which is not the case for Bitport.io. I tested Flash episode download on Wednesday which is released to torrent on Wednesday (in my time zone) with bitport.io and takes hours to cache. Again I have to spend the time to download. But if you use Zbigz, you can save the torrent cache time.

Viewing Files and Zipping

Zbigz allows zipping the folders only. Zbigz doesn’t allow single files zipping which is sometimes bad for Mobile users. The video files downloaded without zipping sometimes get broken while downloading. However, this doesn’t happen in Pcs. The zbigz files view is as a list. I believe it will be cool If they change to grid view.


Personal Opinion

In my view, Zbigz is the best option to download Movies, games and TV shows. It being cheap, fast, reliable and user-friendly environment makes it at the top of the Online Torrent Clients Ranking. However, there are many ways they can improve their service. Needs to be improved include the ability to download all files as a zip, create a folder and put the files in the cloud and more organisation options. I tested many torrent client premium experience including Bitport.io but zbigz is the only option which satisfied me.

What is your experience? Leave it in comments.


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