1and1 shared hosting is one of the best hosting plans you can get these days. 1and1 is one of the very first hosting company operating since 1988. Here is the price table of 1and1 shared hosting.

As you see, they offer $12 per year for the first-year first plan. This plan is ideal for website beginners. Plus 1and1 gives free SSL, unlimited web space with it. The second plan includes 1and1 CDN, Sitelock extra 600 Mb ram and unlimited subdomains. The third plan offers extra 800 MB ram compared to plan 2, 1and1 CDN with Railgun. This plan is ideal for a website that receives around 50k visits per day. That is 1.5 Million visits per month. However, this depends on how many people get online at the same time.If a large number of people get online at the same time, consider upgrading to 1and1 Dedicated server.

Website Speed

The website speed is generally very fast in all plans. Serverhow.com is currently hosted on a shared hosting package Unlimited and is very fast. If your website receives a lot of traffic, then you should upgrade the plan to make it faster. If the website you use is for a business purpose it is a must to keep the website fast and running. So don’t hesitate to have a plan that suits your website visits. If your website is for blogging, consider placing ads on the website to fund the hosting and get some money. There are many ads publishers such as Adsense. It is also important to understand that the way you design website also impacts your website speed. Install a responsive theme and caching plugins to make the website faster. if you do not know about website design, then post the project in Fiverr. They will design the website for you.

1and1 SSL Certificate

This SSL certificate is free in all plans of 1and1. SSL is very important even If the website doesn’t store password and credit cards. SSL certificates play an important role in improving SEO. It makes users feels secure. The free SSL provided by 1and1 with hosting package is for www and non-www version of the website only. Otherwise, you can remove the SSL from the Primary domain and apply it in a sub-domain. If you want to use SSL for subdomains, you have to buy SSL for each separately or use a wildcard SSL which will give SSL to all subdomains.

Since the free SSL is a starter SSL pack, it is not the best for businesses. It is best to buy a 1and1 business or 1and1 business plus SSL or an EV SSL. They have a loss coverage up to $1.2 Million in case your website get hacked and credit card information gets stolen which is almost impossible. They also have phishing protection. The green bar at the address bar increases customer trust.

1and1 CDN and 1and1 CDN with Railgun

If you use 1and1 unlimited hosting package, a free CDN is not provided, however, you can buy 1and1 CDN separately without Railgun. 1and1 unlimited plus, they offer 1and1 CDN for free and CDN with railgun for unlimited pro plan. The CDN is powered by CloudFlare and is important for website performance. Using railgun with it boosts the performance noticeably.

In my experience, 1and1 CDN gave very much improvement if you use a caching plugin with it. moreover, If you use railgun it will improve your website like a missile. We are currently using 1and1 CDN on our website.

1and1 Sitelock Basic

1and1 site lock protects the website against hackers from phishing. It helps to remove the malware and prevent DDoS attacks. It scans for backdoors and prevents them. For 1and1 Unlimited users Sitelock basic costs only $0.99 per month. Sitelock comply with PCI standards. If you want maximum security to the website then use site lock premium which costs $4.99 per month. Features of site lock include

  • Vulnerability scanning and remediation
  • Malware detection and removal
  • Pen scanning
  • Source code testing
  • Eliminate backdoors
  • Web app firewall
  • DDoS and SQL injection prevention.
  • Global CDN


Website Uptime

I have 2 websites including this 1. I host both of them in 1and1. However, I have never faced a downtime in 1and1. Most website reviews agree with this fact including PCmag.  If you are a WordPress user, you can get notified when the website faces a downtime using Jetpack. Website uptime is important for any blogger and especially businesses. Large companies lose Millions of dollars from downtimes caused by DDoS attacks just within a day. It is also important to have some good security for the website to keep up and running.

Customer Service

this is one of the areas I don’t like about 1and1. They have a phone line for customer service instead o chat. I don’t like talking on the phone much. However, the phone support is very good and helpful. They are very responsive to customer requests. I once wanted to cancel a contract while another contract is not yet paid. I could not get a refund for the contract I wanted to cancel due to outdated card information. So I contacted them If they can apply the credit of cancelled contract on unpaid contract. They happily did that for me without any hassle. However, they will reply to the emails you send to the support team.

Email Service

All 1and1 shared hosting plans include free emails. 1and1 unlimited contains 100 free emails with 2Gb storage for each. Other plans have unlimited emails. The email is easy to setup with any email app you want for easy access. They also have email forwarding service.

Money Back Guarantee

1and1 offers a 30-day money back guarantee with all plans. You won’t be charged in the first 3 days.

1and1 discount for 2 years

1and1 offers a huge discount for all plans in the first year. however, there is a workaround to make it two years. Buy a hosting plan first and transfer the domain from another account to get 2 years hosting at discount price. There is the 2nd method as well. Have a full site backup at the end of the contract and allow the contract to expire. Instead of repaying for contract Create another contract with your same domain name and restore the backup. This way you can run the website at discount price for unlimited years.However, this is not recommended for serious bloggers and businesses as this will make the website offline for some time.

My Personal Opinion

In my opinion, 1and1 shared hosting is on of the best service for starting bloggers. Cheap prices in shared hosting give the blogger time to invest and earn money from the website, increase website traffic and upgrade the hosting package in the future.

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