Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of maximising the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine. A website won’t just appear high in search engines without any effort. To make the website appear in search engine top there are many optimising techniques you should use. Most of the time, many starting but experienced writers find it difficult to understand the SEO. This makes their skills useless on the internet. This is a step to step guide for beginners to Search engine optimise their websites.

1. Use an SSL certificate

Google has announced that SSL certificate or HTTPS protocol is a ranking factor for search engine SEO. Therefore it is important to get an SSL certificate. Some hosting providers like provide free SSL with their hosting packages while others don’t. If your hosting provider allows uploading custom SSL certificate, you can get a free SSL from Note that free SSL from lets does not protect privacy. So its best to buy an SSL certificate or use a hosting provider which gives free SSL.

2. Create hight quality backlinks

A  backlink is incoming links with do follow attribute to your site.For example. If I hyperlink in this post with do follow, it’s a backlink. The more quality backlinks your website gets, the higher your site ranks. To get backlinks you can contact popular bloggers and offer to guest post. It is more likely that they will give your site a do follow the link. Another method is to answer questions in the forums using your site links. For example, I can post this article link in a do follow forum comment where the post asks for SEO tips. Other backlink methods include writing testimonials, reviews.

3. Write high-Quality Unique Content

Write content in your blog without copying from other blogs. The content should be unique and high.  quality. There are two ways in which writing quality content benefits your SEO. First, when you write unique content, other bloggers might just create a backlink to your post. Secondly, you will get traffic from people searching for new information. Other benefits include chance of going the post viral in case a large organisation or group shares your post.

4. Install an SEO plugin.

There are many SEO plugins in online. Yoast SEO plugin is the most popular and the best among them. Yoast SEO could save you from your ocean of optimising your site. Yoast SEO plugin offers to implement many features that influence SEO. These include writing meta description, focus keywords, meta tags, facebook open graphs, creating XML sitemaps, creating robots.txt file.etc. All the features available in Yoast SEO is helpful in optimising your site for SEO. This plugin is available for free from Yoast website and its premium version is available for a good price.

5. Increase your website Loading Speed

The website loading speed is a ranking factor for google search engine. Who would love a website which loads in more than 10 seconds? probably no one. A website should load at least in 5 seconds for better SEO. You can increase your website loading speed by getting a better hosting plan, optimising your website database with an optimising plugin such as Wp Optimise, by using a WordPress cache plugin such as Wp Super Cache. you can further increase website speed by getting CloudFlare CDN.

Warning When optimising your site.

  1. Do not use auto backlink tools
  2. Do not buy backlinks
  3. Do not manipulate search engines with keyword abuse in the post. Write for users, not for search engines.

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