SSL certificate or Secure Socket Layer encrypts and protects information transmitted online from being intercepted and stolen by third parties. On the other hand, plain SSL does not help users cross-check the website’s identity. The ease of acquiring SSL Certificate has even encouraged phishers and other malicious entities to use them in establishing their online “credibility. if you are using a regular SSL certificate, make sure you are getting the SSL certificate from a good certificate authority like Comodo, Geo-trust or Symantec. Using a regular SSL certificate gives your website Secure | and is important If your website stores sensitive user information.



Unlike regular SSL certificate, EV SSL cannot be easily obtained. It costs more than of a standard SSL certificate. Moreover, to get EV SSL , your business or organisation must be registered and you must submit necessary documents to your hosting provider or certificate authority. Therefore, this certificate assures the users of the authenticity of the website. Only legitimate businesses and organisations can get this certificate.

EV SSL Advantages

When your website has an EV SSL Certificate, your customers or users can be confident about transacting in a security-enabled environment. EV SSL Certificate incorporate all the security attributes of SSL with some advanced features. Recent versions of browsers enable users to immediately identify an authenticated website through the green address bar on the browser. Usually, the the name of business or organisation in green bar, It also displays the website’s security status. Like other SSL certificates, it has 256 bit encryption.


Wild Card SSL

Wild card SSL is a type of SSL certificate in which a domain and an unlimited number of its sub-domains can be secured with certificate. For example If you have wildcard SSL, you can apply SSL on, etc. Wildcard certificates secure websites just like regular SSL certificates, and requests are processed using the same validation methods. However, some Web servers might require a unique IP address for each sub-domain on the Wildcard certificate.


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