Getting approved to AdSense is really easy. However, some people are not really aware of the AdSense policies and rules. So I thought I would write an article with simplified steps on how to not get banned in AdSense for publishers. So you can be safe in adsense. Go through these steps carefully and I can assure you that you will never get banned from AdSense.

1. Never Click Your Own Ads.

Never ever click an ad of your own even to test them. Google will find you and ban you from AdSense. Their smart systems can detect If you click your own Ads. If you want to test your own Ads, you can install google publisher toolbar. This will keep you in the safe zone. If you want to avoid accidental clicking, you can install an Ad blocker. This will remove all Ads from your website visual. I use Ad Guard chrome extension.

2. Never buy Ad Clicks.

Buying AdSense clicks is very dangerous and google will obviously ban you from AdSense forever. AdSense click sellers use virtual private servers, VPNs, and robots to click ads. These usually are blacklisted by google servers. So they can easily detect the use of these IPs.

3. Never generate fake traffic-

Google also pays for Impressions and this means fake impressions are generated and causes unfair deductions from Advertiser balance. Never use bots and VPN’s to generate fake traffic to your AdSense website.

4. Never post copyright infringement materials on your website.

This includes cracked versions of software, cracked WordPress themes and plugins. Google strictly follows DMCA and will ban you from AdSense if a DMCA takedown takes place or if the owner reports it. You may be surprised by websites that are dedicated to such infringements and yet have AdSense. This does not mean that it is safe. This simply means that they have not been reported by the owner yet.

5. IP detection and taking necessary action.

Sometimes the invalid clicks may be done by a third party. Therefore it is important to monitor and take necessary action against these IPS. There is a cool plugin developed by which its name is Stat Counter. This plugin allows you to see how many times one user clicks an Ad. So you can know if a user gives click bombing. So you can block them from using your website. This is legal and is recommended by google.

6. Don’t encourage website users to click ads.

It is as bad as clicking your own ads. Google clearly says to never encourage or confuse people into clicking ads. Many people use a headline above the ad saying click here for more info, click an ad to support us and such stuff. This is completely against google policies. The only thing you can write above the ad is “Advertisement”. Violating this policy may ban you from AdSense forever.

Do you know any other tips to make your AdSense account safe? If you know, why comment them here? Please don’t forget to share this post to twitter, facebook and google+.


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