AdSense is the best Ad Network available for bloggers and websites. Popular websites earn thousands of dollars every day from AdSense while some people earn less than $5 per day even they receive high traffic. This is usually because the correct measures are not taken to optimise these ads. So the ads become ineffective. In this article, I will explain steps to double your current AdSense earning/per day. These methods do not violate google AdSense guideline or their policies.

1. Use an AdSense optimised WordPress theme.

Having an unresponsive and bad WordPress theme can hurt your AdSense revenue. Who would come back to a website which takes 1 minute to load and pages which cost high data? Of course, very few will come back to that website and many will even cancel web site loading if it takes too long. Your website loading time should not be more than 5 seconds and size should not be more than 2 MB. You can check website page size and speed using GTmetrix. You can read about AdSense optimised plugins from here.  If you want to make the website fast further, you can use the plugins mentioned here.

2. Use a Push Notifications Plugin.

Push notifications mean that when you publish a new post subscribed users will get notified of your post. So there will be more chance of them coming back to your website to read the post. The more they come back to the site, there is more chance for them to click the ads.  So your AdSense earnings will increase. This will also allow you to send a message to your subscribers as a notification. However, do not use this feature to ask people to click ads. Google will know If you do. Google is smarter than you think. You can use a plugin like One signal to use Push Notification.

3. Advertise posts on facebook.

If your website receives some organic traffic every day, then wait for 24 hours after posting and check which post has most hits in the last 7 days. Then boost the blog post on facebook for $1. This will reach your post and website to more people and therefore you can possibly get more Ad clicks or regular visitors which is pretty much important. regular visitors means that your website SEO and Alexa ranking improve and attracts more local advertisers. Moreover, when promoting the website posts through facebook, there is a possibility of getting your post shared If the post is good enough. Furthermore, facebook post shares and facebook page likes from the ad can promote your website. This is the best method you can come up with. Investment is worth the risks.

4. Use a limited number of Ads per page.

Actually, google allows only 3 ads per page. if you use another CPC Ad network which allows more than this limit, it is still not good to use more than 3 ad units. You will be wondering why. This is because 3 ad units is the optimum number of ads that can be used on a page. Using more ads can hurt user experience, page speed and even SEO. the best places to use ads on a website is in the top banner, sidebar and above the footer.

5. Block low CPC ads and unrelated.

It is easy to monitor how much each ads category pays you. Go to -> Allow and block ads > General Categories or sensitive categories and check percentage earning last 30 days. Now you can block what you feel is paying you very little. This will block low paying ads from the site. you should also block ads of nonsense categories. for example, ads about tasty meat won’t get clicks in a vegetarian diet website. Moreover, high paying ads will get more time to be posted on the website. Do not allow sensitive categories which are blocked by default If your website targets people under age 18. This is against google AdSense policies.

Do you know anything else that can be done to increase AdSense earnings? Why not comment them here? 🙂

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