Optimization of WordPress Database means taking necessary measures to keep the Website Fast by using proper cache (see: top caching plugins) or by cleaning unnecessary files such as draft posts, trash posts, trash and spam comments.etc

However, doing these tasks manually is almost impossible for any blog/website. In this short tutorial, I will teach you how to optimize your WordPress database with just a single click.

Step 1- Install Wp-Optimize Plugin

Wp optimize is a free plugin available directly from plugin repositary for free. With this plugin you can make the daily, weekly and monthly database cleaning schedules. The longer the scheduling is, the more trash will sum up in the database. keeping longer schedules can be a problem especially if your database space is little or low. So make sure to create scheduling depending on the capability of databases. In our website serverhow, we use SSD databases and cleaning is scheduled to be done once a week. This gives me time to monitor false spam comments.

Step 2- Use Proper WordPress caching

WordPress caching means some of the website files are stored in the computer hard drive for sometime. This prevents re downloading of some content from website. example. logos, favicons, Website theme. This means that the website speed will be optimized and will be a lot faster. There are many good caching plugins. When choosing the right plugin, consider If it allows cleaning cache when new content is posted on site, defer js, minify css and js features, lazy load, and auto sceduled cache cleaning. 

Step 3- Using a better Webhosting

The hosting type, hosting company and their respective hosting features matter to your Website. Some important features of good hosting are SSD databases, SSD storage, SSL certificate, DDOS protection, email adresses, support.etc

1and1 hosting is the only hosting company I found which they provide all these features for just $12 (first year price). There are better shared hosting plans they provide for lower prices. 

I do not recommend going gor shared hosting for people over 30k monthly visitors. If your website received more than that, then go for cloud hosting, VPS hosting or Dedicated hosting (dedicated hosting if your site received more than 1 million monthly visitors)

Unfortunately, it is not very easy to install WordPress with SSL certificates since they should be done manually in 1and1. If you have no knowledge to do these activities, buy our full website installation package or go for cloud hosting/vps hosting/dedicated hosting on siteground.com though their packages are much expensive.

Step 4- Update php version, WordPress plugins and themes.

Updating the php version is very important for website performance and security. some hosting providers do it automatically while others​ have manual procedures. none is hard. manual update can be done easily from hosting control panel for php version.

When it comes to WordPress themes and plugins, developers find new vulnerabilities and bugs in their themes and plugins and fix them. So to get these fixes, you must update them. It is also important to update WordPress version. You don’t have to worry about this since the process is automatic.

If you find this tutorial helpful, then share this with your friends and family. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in comments, we will try to answer them ASAP.

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