Web hosting costs a lot of money depending on the website traffic you get. However, most hosting providers give up to 80% discounts on first hosting subscription. But when the hosting expires the user has to pay full renewal fee without any discounts. Are you in such position and you have a bit little money? Don’t worry! today I’m going to teach you my ultimate guide to saving money on Webhosting. Just read the points thoroughly.

1. Buy hosting for more than 1 Year.

A mistake that many website owners make is buying the hosting plan for 1 Year. Most web hosting companies provide the discounted Webhosting rate up to 3 years if paid in advance. Some Webhosting companies increase the discounted rate when you buy longer contracts. So it is advisable to buy a longer contract. Some popular discounted rate hosting companies are Bluehost, 1and1, Siteground and GoDaddy. I personally recommend 1and1 for your web hosting. You will know why as you read this article.

2. Ask hosting company for a discount

When the hosting account is about to expire talk to your hosting company asking for a discount. This can be tricky but worth it, You can ask them in this manner.

” Hi. My hosting account is about to expire and I’m thinking about ways to save some cash. I found out some web hosting companies with huge discounts. but I do not wish to move to another hosting company since I love hosting here. Overall performance is good and support is good. Can you give me a discount on web hosting so I can stay with 1and1?”(replace this with your company)

The hosting companies would do everything that they can to not lose a customer. So they may just give you a discount. I cannot guarantee that this will work. It depends on the company policies.

3. Move to another hosting Company.

Many web hosting companies today provide free site migration for new customers. When you move to a new hosting company, there will be the advantage of discounts from that company for the first subscription. if you afford to, don’t forget to follow the Tip #1. To migrate your website without losing your data, take a backup of your website files and database.  If you are using WordPress, migration in very easy. All you need to do is get All In One WP migration plugin and backup your full website. After you buy hosting from other company install WordPress there, install this plugin and restore the backup.

4. Choose 1and1 as your hosting Company.

If you use shared hosting then there is a huge saving trick when you run a website in 1and1.com This trick costs only $12 more than your first year hosting. For example, If you choose $12/year plan, it costs $24 in the other years. if you choose $60 plan, it costs $72 in other years and If you choose a $108/year plan. you pay only $120 other years. the extra $12 is because you have to set the domain as automatic renewal. getting a domain for free when it expires is not possible because they provide 1 month extra giving you chance to get the domain for $54 so that others cannot register it. Buying the domain and hosting plan after waiting for 1 month will probably lose your website rankings.

To do this trick, turn off the contract renewal and contact 1and1 support and ask them to turn on domain renewal. Because turning off contract renewal turns off domain renewal as well. After getting the 1and1 support team to turn on the domain renewal, buy a new hosting account from 1and1 with a different domain name. This domain name will be free and the hosting account costs $12 (first-year price). As of 1and1 pricing policies, the discounted pricing is for separate contracts not for separate 1and1 accounts. Now transfer your original domain to the new contract and install WordPress on the website. And use all in one wp migration to install your backup. So the cost of other years= old domain fee+new hosting account fee. See 1and1 shared hosting plans

You can use the new domain to create a new website, redirect it to your website or you can even sell the domain. All shared hosting accounts offer unlimited website hosting and Free SSL certificates. If you like this guide or have any questions about this guide, then ask them in comments.

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