Adsense is one of the best ways to earn money from blogging. However, Google has policies to protect Advertisers and to make ad platform user-friendly. Failure to do so could result in a permanent ban of your Adsense account. Many people violate their terms of service knowingly hoping to keep it secret from google and unknowingly. Here are top 10 reasons that many AdSense publishers get banned.

1. Copying Content From Websites-

All AdSense publishers are required to adhere to webmaster guidelines. Copying content from other websites is regarded by google as pure webspam. It doesn’t only ban you from AdSense, it can remove website search results from google and hurt your site SEO badly. It is also a copyright infringement and google doesn’t allow posting ads on pages with copyright infringement materials.

2. Clicking Own Ads-

It is warned by google to all AdSense publishers to never ever click a google ad of your own even to test them. However, some people thinking that google can’t track them click their own ads. The truth is google can track them easily. The ads are JavaScripts. So they can track it. Some people might click their own ads by mistake. In my case, to prevent such an accident, I use an Ad Blocker for my website, so  I can’t click my own ads. Even If you use a VPN to click google ads, still they can track you. because those VPN IP addresses can be blacklisted by google.

3. Buying Ad clicks-

Never ever buy ad clicks from any website. This will get your account banned permanently for sure. You may be fascinated by Fiverr Ad click sellers with 5-star reviews. However, the truth of these reviews is that those who buy these clicks, their account get banned after about 30 days. Before the account getting banned, the revenue from those fake clicks will show up in the AdSense account. So they believe them and leave a positive feedback. To further research this, I contacted 30 Fiverr ad click buyers who left positive feedback. Surprisingly, ALL OF THEM GAVE ME THE SAME REPLY. THAT THEIR ACCOUNT GOT BANNED


4. Encouraging readers to click your website ads-

Another common way that bloggers get banned is to either mislead their visitors and readers to click on the advertisements or even explicitly asking them to either by saying something as direct as “Please click my banner advertisements on my sidebar!” or perhaps something a little more tactful (but still not smart) as “Please support me and my advertisers by clicking on my ads!” or even having a little text about the advertisements that say “Check these awesome sites out!”

Don’t do it because Google will catch you.

This essentially violates Adsense policies as the end user may not know that those clicks are on actual advertisements. The only allowed text above any Adsense ad is “Ads” or “Advertisement.”

Do you know any other things that might get an AdSense account banned? If you do,why not let other readers know about its? 🙂


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