An SSL certificate or Secure Socket layer is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. When the website uses an SSL certificate, it shows HTTPS instead of HTTP in the browser and shows a green bar with business name If the SSL certificate is EV SSL. You can learn more about the different type of SSL from here. SSL certificate is a must when it comes to e-commerce stores or any website that processes sensitive information. In this article, I will explain 7 reasons to use an SSL certificate on your website.

1. Protect your users’ Privacy

One of the most important things about SSL certificate or HTTPS protocol is that they protect user’s privacy. These include user passwords, credit cards Social Security Numbers .etc. Using HTTPS means that hackers cannot get this information easily. All the information will be served with 256-bit encryption. The main advantage of protecting user’s privacy is gaining their trust.

2. For Better SEO

In 2014, google announced that using SSL certificate or HTTPS protocol is a ranking factor for google. Today, many hosting providers give free SSL certificate like in the case of They offer SSL certificate for all of hosting packages. If your hosting provider does not provide free SSL, then check If it allows uploading custom SSL certificate. If it does then you can get a free SSL certificate from I recommend buying a paid SSL certificate instead of free SSL from your hosting provider. Because free SSL certificates only verify domain information and do not encrypt user sensitive information. If your website is for business, then buy an EV SSL. This will not only encrypt user information. It also provides warranty up to $1,000,000 depending on hosting provider. It also improves SEO better than regular SSL and increases users trust, therefore increasing sales.

3. Gains User Trust

The majority of people uses google chrome to browse and google chrome shows SSL certified websites as Secure in web address bar and non-SSL or HTTP protocol websites as Not Secure in the address bar. This greatly increases trust to SSL websites. Especially from people who don’t know much about SSL.

About trusting websites, remember that a regular SSL certificate may not mean that it is a secure website. Those certificates maybe just free SSL certificates I have mentioned before. So it is better to check the certificate status before trusting a website. Also, you can check for website reviews in forums.

It is my policy to not trust any website without SSL and websites without a proper SSL certificate.  A proper certificate does not mean it has to be an EV SSL. It should just be valid and genuine. If the certificate is EV SSL then, it is 100% sure legit business. Because no one can get a free EV SSL certificate or paid EV SSL certificate without business verification.

4. Protect Your Revenue

Not only criminal try to make money from your website. Internet Service Providers may do it too. They may inject their own ads on unencrypted pages. If ads are how you make money, know those ads may be hijacked, and your users will be none the wiser. If your website is not using ads… Your users may see some anyway, and blame you for it. Use HTTPS to prevent such tampering and protect your revenue & brand.

5. Avoid Mixed Content Warnings

Mixed content warnings appear when the page contains both HTTPS and non-HTTPS content. Today most websites use HTTPS and therefore using HTTPS on your non-HTTPS means that your site will receive those warnings. Therefore it is best to use SSL certificate to avoid these warnings. To get cheapest hosting with free SSL certificate, I recommend shared hosting plan. It costs only $12 in

To get cheapest hosting with free SSL certificate, I recommend shared hosting plan. It costs only $12 in the first year with free SSL and $108 other years. You can save more by buying bigger plans. If you like this article, please like our facebook page and share this post on social networks.

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