Spam means irrelevant or unsolicited messages sent over the Internet, typically to a large number of users, for the purposes of advertising, phishing, spreading malware, etc. Spam can hurt your website in many ways. Spam reduces your website ranking because the links in the spam comments may direct to malware websites that is recognized by search engines. Moreover, spam comments mean that it hurts user experience so, website traffic reduces. In my case, If i see spam comments in a website, I consider the website as unsafe because, probably the website owner doesn’t know about website security and don’t know how to manage. How can I trust the website that it will load my phone with virus then? There are many other harms of a spam to a website. But I will make it short and go to tips on how to prevent website spam.

1- Install an Anti- Spam Plugin

There are many popular anti-spam plugins for WordPress. Akismet is one of the anti-spam plugin available. It is a free plugin. Malware removal of Akismet is free for all users. Akismet uses a large database of suspected keywords to prevent spam. When a keyword from the spam keyword database is detected by Akismet, they put the comment, the form or website fill in the spam folder. You can also choose for Akismet to silently discard it without putting it in spam folder. I started using Akismet plugin since the very beginning and never saw a spam which is not blocked. Anti-spam bee is a good alternative If you don’t like Akismet in any case.


2- Enable Comment Holding For Moderation

Holding the comment to be reviewed by an Admin will stop comment spam completely. This means that the comment is only posted after a review by an Admin or a Moderator. If the admin thinks the comment is spam then admin can unapprove and trash the comment and vice versa. This rule is already on default in WordPress and can be changed from Setting>Discussions. Please note that If you receive large number of comment spam everyday. It is not just enough to put them in trash also you should empty the trash. You can make this process automatic with Wp-Optimize plugin. This plugin allows automatic cleaning of WordPress databases. Cleaning the WordPress databases ensure fast and secure website. Sometimes, the spam comments may contain scripts used for hacking and phishing.


3- User Verification

The third way to stop comment spam is to allow commenting for registered users only. But note that you must enable email verification and no-robot verification like recaptcha to prevent spam bots. If you don’t like user registrations , then enable anti-bot verification such as recaptcha. Some people claim that recaptcha is not very effective since some robots bypass this due to problems in recaptcha. Yes, sometimes when I try to verify it does not show images to click and Im free to go. You can use an alternative such as Sweet Captcha if it doesn’t work for you.


4- Ban Spam Users

Every internet user has a specific  IP address unless it is WiFi. WiFi has shared IPs. If you notice someone repeatedly commenting spam on your site, you can block their IP to prevent them from accessing your website. If they use a WiFi, it will ban all users using that shared IP. The good side of this is that the spam user won’t be able to use another device with same WiFi IP. He will need to either use a VPN connection or switch to another network. To prevent using VPN to access your site you can use cloud flare. The bad thing about banning shared Ips is that some WiFi internet providers provide many independent users with same shared IP. This means that not only the spam user will be blocked but also other users in the shared IP.

If you follow all these steps it is 99.99% guaranteed there will be no spam filling issues in your website. If you think some of these spams are malware consider buying sitelock from your hosting provider. Most or all hosting providers provide site lock for a very little payment. This little tool aytomatically scans your page for malware from webpages and remove them

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