WordPress is the best platform whether it is a blogger, a business or an organisation. However, as the website traffic increases and your business grows more hacker eyes come to your business. In the most successful days of the clash of clans, some tech guys created auto-playing bot website for clash of clans where hundreds of thousands of users visited the website. However, their website got hacked and they lost a lot of money from their PayPal accounts as they have integrated PayPal in their admin panel. So they had to start a new website. But then they started the website with a lot of security. It is always important to keep an eye on hackers. You can’t possibly know when and from where the hacker attacks will come from. If you want to make your website ultimately secure, then you have come to the right place. 2 Main reasons your website is not secure are:

1. No SSL certificate.

If your website processes credit card information, user registrations.etc it is a must to have a secure SSL certificate. If your website has more than one subdomain which processes this sensitive user information. Then you should use a wildcard SSL certificate. Nowadays, some websites provide open source SSL certificates and these certificates are sadly as bad as a website without SSL certificate. Some problems of these certificates include heart bleed bug which allows hackers to steal the sensitive information. Moreover, these SSL certificates do not provide any guarantee or warranty. You should consider buying a dedicated SSL certificate then. Dedicated SSL certificates usually come with more than up to $1 Million warranty depending on the type of SSL certificate you are using.

2. Too many WordPress plugins.

The more plugins you install, the less secure your website becomes. Many WordPress plugins have loo[ holes that hackers can use to hack your website. Some people install plugins to edit website visuals. While others do it to make website secure and fast. Yes, there are many plugins that make your website fast and secure and fast instead. However, it is important to keep an eye on the plugins you install on the website. Some plugins are more dangerous than others.

  How To Solve This Problem

Sometimes there are many features that you want to add and does not include by default. So you have to solve them by plugins. One way to install less plugin is using plugins which have multi functions instead of a plugin for each function you want to add. Some plugins are not necessary for editing WordPress site. You can hire a WordPress expert to edit WordPress using CSS. Editing CSS can add many visual features like colour changing theme parts.etc

Another method is to use Managed WordPress hosting. Then your web hosting company will take care of your website security updates.

Things that can be done to make your Website Secure

Here are most important steps to make your website more secure for readers and customers.

1. Website lockdown and ban users

If a user is trying to hack your website it is necessary to step to lock down the website for the Ip address and ban that user. However, this is not very easy to track them and block them If there are many users that use your website. However, I found a way to make this automatic and get notified when a host is blocked from WordPress dashboard. Ithemes security pro can ban users who enter the wrong password in password field more than the specific no of times you set in the control panel.

2. Setup 2-factor authentication

Setting up 2-factor authentication ensures the password is being used by the person who has to use the password. Allowing this feature means after entering the correct password, the user must enter an auto-generated code which is sent to your e-mail. Using Ithemes pro version can do this. You can also keep up to 10 backup keys for If you don’t want to check email every time you log in. When the keys run out you can regenerate keys in WordPress dashboard again. I have been using this feature of Ithemes security pro for some time.

3. Use Sitelock

Sitelock is not a plugin. It is, in fact, a website extension offered by web hosting companies for a very cheap price. Sitelock is an anti-malware security extension which also blocks SQL injection and phishing attacks. You will be provided with an HTML code to attach a small site lock logo in the corner of the checkout page. This will make customers feel more secure using their card information in your website and your website deserves it. this also means that your business profits increase.

4. Use CloudFlare 

CloudFlare makes sure your website is fast and secure. Images, CSS files and HTML files are served through content delivery network increasing your website performance. CloudFlare also offers hotlink protection for images which makes sure other websites don’t hotlink your images to slow down your website. CloudFlare can also protect your website from DDoS attacks. Protection level depends on your payment plan. Your website also premium plans that further increases your website faster and secure. If you are just a blogger use free plan or just $20 plan. if your website is hight traffic newspaper, a large enterprise or business, sensitive information website. Then you should absolutely go for high-cost CloudFlare plans depending on your website needs.

5. Uninstall Unnecessary WordPress Plugins

As I mentioned above, WordPress plugins are the most common way hackers use to get access to your website admin panel. It is, therefore, advisible to uninstall unnecessary plugins and replace useful plugins with trusted plugins. Use multi-featured plugins instead of installing a plugin for each function. This way you can reduce the number of plugins you install.

6. Buy an SSL certificate

Some web hosting companies like 1and1 provide free SSL certificates. Usually, these certificates are enough for a blogger. But If your website processes more sensitive information such as credit cards and SSN.etc you will need a more advanced SSL certificate like EV SSL. These SSL certificates not only ensures safe and encrypted data transfer but also increases your ranking in google.

7. Changing the Admin Panel URL 

The default URL of the admin page is usually www.yourwebsite.com/wp-admin and wp-login. Many are not aware that this can cause a security problem on your website. More people attempting to use brute force, more server load it means to your website. So you have to change this URL to something uncommon like sitepanel or xasd or something you want. This feature is best when used with login attemp ban feature and 404 detection ban feature.  All these features are available in Ithemes security pro.

8. Other things that can be done to improve security

Other than mentioned above main security measures there are other things that can be done to increase security. Here is a checklist.

  • Daily website backups
  • Dont use admin as username
  • Strong Passwords.
  • Update plugin, theme and WordPress core regularly.
  • Disable File editing

Do you know anything else that can be done to increase WordPress security? Do you have any questions? Don’t hesistate to ask here. I will try to respond to all questions. 🙂 Pls don’t forget to share this post.

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