SiteLock is a cloud-based security tool that scans your website for malware and vulnerabilities. SiteLock not only detects threats, but can also fix problems or security risks it encounters on your web space. In this article, I will highlight main uses of SiteLock and advantages of using SiteLock Security.

SiteLock is usually available to sign up from hosting control panel itself making it easier for customers to sign up to this security software.

SiteLock Security Scans Your Site

SiteLock Security scans your website for vulnerabilities like SQL injection flaws and cross-site scripting. It also submits forms and posts comments to find vulnerabilities hackers use to break in. If a threat is found, you are informed via email of the exact location. Read more about the different scans SiteLock performs.

SiteLock performs Application scan, Malware scans, SMART scans, Spam scans, SQL injection scans, SSL scans, XSS scans, Network scans and domain verifications. It also checks your site every month for issues with external redirects, cookies, etc.

Generates Customer Trust

SiteLock security not only secures the site. It also increases customers trust to the website. Sitelock offers to put a banner in checkout pages so that customers can verify that website is malware free. This can increase sales of any eCommerce website with SiteLock.




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