WordPress Plugins are the best way to customise and optimise your website. Some WordPress plugins make the website faster, some plugins increase the website security, some help customises certain parts of the website while some plugins are used for SEO.  Having a bunch of good plugins improve your website ranking in google and other search engines. However, you should know which plugins to select and not depend on just active installs. Having bad plugins can slow down your website and increase website vulnerabilities. Here is a list of must have plugins for all WordPress Websites.

1. Jet Pack

Jetpack is without a doubt one of the most popular plugins for the WordPress users. Jetpack offers many features. If your website theme doesn’t have a sharing button for posts, Jetpack can do that for you. Sharing button is important for increasing website traffic and to get more customers. Jetpack also have a feature called publicise which posts your website posts to the facebook, twitter, google plus.etc automatically. This removes the burden of sharing the post to social networks every time you create a blog post. This also allows you to share posts automatically when some author makes a post in the website without giving them admin of facebook page.

jetpack also has its own photo CDN network for faster images. Jetpack also offers a lot of more features for premium users for premium users. Visit their website for more info. however, there are free alternatives to those premium features such as SEO.

2. Akismet Anti-Spam

Akismet is, in fact, a free plugin used to block spam comments, forms and entries in your website. It is proven to be effective in doing its job. Almost All spam comments are blocked by Akismet in the websites which I run for clients. Anti-spam is a necessary part of the website. Because spam can have a negative effect on your google and other search ranking and user experience with the website. Akismet also offers its premium service at cheap prices.

3. Ithemes Security Pro

There are many plugins which maintains the security of the website. However, I theme security pro is the best among them. Ithemes security pro protects the website against brute force attacks and other security attacks. It also prevents the users from spamming the website. Ithemes can block certain Ip addresses, configure SSL use, and also has a very cool two-factor verification feature. I currently use Ithemes pro on my website. Ithemes security is free. Its premium features can be accessed for only $80 per year.


4. Wp Rocket

Wp rocket is one of the most popular caching plugins for WordPress websites. It costs only $39 for 1 site license. Wp rocket boosts your website by using lazyload, caching CSS, Html and minification of them in one. It is much stronger than any free caching plugin. It also allows using the content delivery network with it. Our website uses this awesome plugin of course.

5. Wp-Smush

Sometimes the images used in the website is too large than recommended size. Wp smush allows you to resize these images to recommended size without affecting its quality. Even If the image is in recommended size, smush reduces their image size without affecting quality. Lower image sizes mean that the page size reduces and page speed increases and therefore improves SEO.

6. Updraft

What will you do If your website is hacked and the hacker deletes your data all of a sudden? What will you do If you delete website data by mistake? What will you do If the web hosting plan expires without you knowing and loses data? Updraft came with an answer to all these questions. Updraft creates and uploads the website backup in your google drive, FTP, dropbox or any cloud service you want. This means you are completely safe from losing data backup. Updraft also allows the premium users to send backups to more than one storage. These backups are automated and you can choose the time interval between each backup.

7.  All In One SEO

All in one SEO is the best SEO plugin for WordPress sites. It is easy as ABC to create a sitemap and edit robot.txt file using All In one SEO. It also allows you to optimise social SEO and customise what will appear and what will not appear in Search Engines and how it will appear in search engines.

Do you know any other must have plugin? Why not let others know in comments? Please don’t forget to share the post to facebook, twitter and google plus.

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