Are you an Adsense publisher or a publisher? Do you have a website which receives high traffic and less Ad revenue? Do you know that the theme that you use can affect the Ad revenue? If you do then, let’s see some WordPress Themes which will help you optimise your Adsense revenues. These themes helped me increase my Adsense earnings in my websites and client websites. These themes cost less than $100 and it will be worth it.

1. Newspaper 7

Newspaper7 is one of the most popular themes among the bloggers. It is a highly customizable theme created by Theme Forest. The theme costs only $59 at the moment which its regular price is $64. The menus in newspaper 7 are easy to navigate giving users a pleasant experience. Having this theme will definitely boost your SEO if measures taken seriously. It has a Top Menu, Header Menu and a Footer Menu allowing you to add different types of menus. This theme has over 19 demos for the user to select when installing the theme. To make it easier for AdSense publishers there is a special tab for adding AdSense codes to the theme in the WordPress Dashboard- Theme Panel. (See Image)

2. Sahifa Theme

Sahifa is a theme developed by Themeforest. Sahifa theme is argumental when compared to the Newspaper7 theme. Sahifa offers things that Newspaper 7 doesn’t offer. For example. You can edit the scrollbar without installing more plugins. Like Newspaper7 it has a top menu and a header menu. But it doesn’t have a footer menu. However, you can make a menu in the footer in sahifa using widgets. I have a footer menu in sahifa theme installed I use Sahifa them for both of my websites including this website. Sahifa theme also has ads menu in its theme panel of WordPress Dashboard. Moreover, you can add header code and footer code in general tab of sahifa theme panel. This means you won’t have to edit CSS to add analytics code to header tag.

3. TruePixel

TruePixel is built on MyThemeShop’s trademark framework, which is brand new and was released not long back. The benefits include improved loading time on the page and with the widgets, amongst other nice bits of information including the fact that it has been handwritten with HTML5 and CSS3, and cleaned up for added readability. The site, of course, is responsive and Adsense optimized as well as SEO optimized and every other kind of optimisation you can think of. In short, it is optimal. It is a very clean and minimalistic theme, and costs only $35. MyThemeShop also offers the chance to get all 67 of their themes for $67. I don’t expect many people buy just one.

Personal Opinion

I’m not going to give a huge list of good themes for AdSense. The above 3 themes are the best themes for AdSense optimisation in my opinion. There are many other good themes like Divi which you can use for adsense. Although they don’t have AdSense code adding feature in theme panel, you can always add them using css or a an ad publishing plugin such as Ad Inserter. In my opinion,sahifa is the best theme for WordPress Adsense optimisation. Because it has more useful features than other themes. It is also easier to setup and looks more attractive.

Everyone has different opinions on which theme is best. Different themes work for different people depending on the area of blogging they cover. If you are a WordPress expert you can literally make any theme look like you want. So what are your opinions? Why not let us know in comments?


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