WordPress caching is the fastest way to improve performance. It boosts up the website loading time and speed. A website contains a lot of non-textual, static data, such as images, CSS and Javascript files. Once they’re downloaded, your browser is smart enough not to re-download them every time you hit the F5 button. It simply serves that data from the local cache. This process of reusing the cached data from the client’s computer (or client’s end) is known as client-side caching and almost every modern website uses it and every browser supports it. Client side caching helps prevent data redundancy (i.e. downloading the same data over and over again) and hence saves a lot of server resources. Server side caching is the act of caching data on the server. Data can be cached anywhere and at any point on the server that makes sense. It is common to cache commonly used data from the DB to prevent hitting the DB every time the data is required.

However, for caching to be smarter, it is important to install a good cache plugin. There are many famous cache plugins for this purpose such as W3 Total cache, WP Rocket. etc It is also important to know how to set up these plugins. We will discuss them later. In this article, we will talk about the best WordPress cache plugins available in the market.

1. WP Rocket-

Wp Rocket is the most powerful plugin currently available in the market regardless of its few install compared to W3 Total cache. Like any other caching plugins it lazy load, File optimisation of HTML, CSS and javascript and cache preload.etc I once optimised a website for a guy whose website score from GT Metrix was in F grade. He had installed W3 total cache and was setup correctly. So I installed WP rocket on his website and set it up. It boosted the page score up to  B grade. (had to optimise other things to make it A grade)

One of the best things about wp rocket is that it is easy to setup for anyone even for a beginner. Wp rocket is available for $39 for 1 website, $99 for 3 websites and $199 for Unlimited websites- this plan is best if you have clients that you run a website for. This plugin is not free. It is not wise to move to download cracked versions of the Wp rocket plugin. They usually have added their own codes added to these plugins and edited some codes. This means the website will become vulnerable to attacks and the plugin won’t work properly.

2. W3 Total cache- 

W3 Total cache is the best alternative to wp rocket. It is the most downloaded caching plugin available with over 1 million installs. It is a completely free plugin. However, it doesn’t have some features that wp rocket does. But this plugin is the best in terms of price because it’s completely free. If the website you run doesn’t have many images,  this plugin is capable of boosting it up to A grade in GT Metrix score. This plugin will help you improve google search ranking like any other plugin.

3. Wp Super Cache-

This is one of the free cache plugin available. It has over 1 million installs. There are many users who use this plugin to speed up their sites. This plugin generates static HTML files from your dynamic WordPress blog. This plugin offers legacy caching. Means loads your web pages faster even for those visitors who are not logged into your sites. This plugin supports CDN. However, this plugin is not that easy to setup to get better results in page scoring websites. This plugin works best with CDN enabled. I will soon create a post on how to enable CDN on your website.

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