Advertisements are one of the best ways to get a revenue for a blog you run. It is always the case that ad networks like AdSense, media net require you to add a code to WordPress site so, they can display ads they want. Usually, these ads are JavaScript codes. However, many people find it difficult to add these codes properly to the WordPress site. The best locations for ads are top banner ads, article inline ads and sidebar ads. The recommended number of ads is 3 ads/page.

In this article, I will teach you how to add these codes to the website you run. There are 3 ways you can do this. The first way is using a theme with built-in ads system, the second method is using a plugin and the third method is adding codes to the WordPress files.

Using a Theme with Built-in Ads System

Newspaper7 Theme Panel

There are many WordPress themes with built-in ads system. This allows you to add ads to the WordPress site without much WordPress knowledge. All you need to do is add the code given by ad network to the fields in ads section in theme panel. Some good themes with such systems are Sahifa, Newspaper7 and AdSense theme. These 3 themes allow you to add ads codes to the header, article top, article bottom, article in line. etc. in their theme panel. I currently use Newspaper7 and it has the option to add ads in theme panel > Ads Section. The best thing about themes with built-in ads system is that they are ads responsive and helps to maximise ad revenues. These themes cost less than $80 and they are worth the price. You should never use nulled themes with AdSense. Because, in the case of a DMCA compliment, you could get your ads account banned. Most people use AdSense and google takes this issue very seriously.

Using a WordPress Plugin

From Advanced Ads Plugin

There are several plugins which are built to place ads easily in WordPress websites. These are helpful If your theme does not have a built-in ads system. Advanced Ads is one of the best advertising plugin freely available in WordPress plugin repository. This plugin gives you the option to place header ads, article inline ads, article top ads, article bottom ads, sidebar ads and footer ads. I used this plugin when I used a WordPress theme without built-in ads system.

Using WordPress Editor and Home Page Coding

If your WordPress theme does not have in-built ads system and If you do not wish to use a plugin then, you can simply do them using simple coding. To add AdSense code to header open header.php and place the code after header tag. To add the code to the sidebar, you should find if homepage does show as codes and also as easy edit view. If your theme comes with the visual composer, then it is very easy. Go and view the home page as visual composer view and add the code in a sidebar widget. To add the code to the footer, add a footer widget to the home page and paste the code.

By using the above methods you will be able to add ads to your website. If you need further help, don’t hesitate to comment here or contact us. We will be more than happy to help you.


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