Not knowing to write the WordPress posts in a user-friendly way is the problem of many blogs. Writing a cool WordPress post can get the attention of your readers, make them visit your blog regularly, reduce bounce rates and I’m pretty sure that’s what any blogger would want to achieve.

However, some bloggers find it hard as most of their readers think their articles are boring. So they lose the reader’s attention as soon as they get it. This can be a hopeless situation for you. But don’t worry. You are reading the right article to get tips on how to make them more interesting.

How to use Humour in Your Articles?

As I have promised before, reading this WordPress post will give you some cool tips on writing cool posts in your WordPress website. Just follow the upcoming tips. 😀


1. Using Sarcasm in WordPress posts

Use sarcasm a little in your blog posts. Don’t overdo this, though. Also be warned that not everyone understands when sarcasm is being used in an article. If you can use it at the right time, then its effect will be great. You have to study your audience first so that you would not risk losing visitors.

2. Focus on your introduction

The introduction of the article you write is one of the most vital parts of any user-friendly article. Because after reading this part of the article, the user decides whether to read the post or not. Throw in some fun/funny facts, illustrations, quotes, or other useful types of humour in the introduction. If you do this more often, users will love your articles for sure.

3. Using user-friendly  metaphors

A metaphor is a figure of speech that refers, for rhetorical effect, to one thing by mentioning another thing. It may provide clarity or identify hidden similarities between two ideas.  Writing the post using proper metaphors is without a doubt a must in a good article writer’s manual. For example, creating a WordPress site is more like fishing in troubled waters. Huh? What does that mean? Readers will think about those parts. Actually, it’s not saying anything about fishing. The example I used expresses how hard it is to create a WordPress site (though it’s easy. just an example) With metaphors, you are giving readers a humorous mental exercise that they can’t afford to miss. As they continue reading, they will be thinking about the images you use.

4. Use images and Memes in blog posts

Images can be used to show that which you can’t tell in writing. For example, if you want to show your monthly chart or data in a graph, you will have to use images of course. Sometimes, images are used to bring the sense of humour to the user. For example, I wrote an article about health benefits of laughing, then probably you can use the funny laughing image. And It will be perfect if you use a meme with the image. You can make your own images by drawing the images with a black and blue pen and capturing it with a good Camera. If you can make a cool hand-drawn image, then it might force the user to read the article.


Additional Points

  • Use a good featured image
  • Don’t overdo jokes in your posts
  • Don’t use vulgar language

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